PHP + WordPress Developer at Orbisius • Part-time • Remote

PHP + WordPress Developer at Orbisius • Part-time • Remote

Remote PHP + WordPress Plugin Developer with 2+ years of experience.

We’re at ORBISIUS are looking for one or more knowledgeable PHP + WordPress Plugin Developer(s) to work on several projects. This position is Remote, Part-time/project based. If you do a good job your hours will increase. You must have at least 2 years of experience with WordPress + PHP. You need to be able to receive & give feedback.


It’s a great Canadian company which is behind many WordPress plugins and services such as and

We have so many ideas and we need self motivated people to achieve awesome things together. The position is remote. You need to manage your time well. We expect you to work between Monday - Friday and relax on the weekends. Most of the time 95% of that will be the case.

We are looking for people who live in Europe or Americas (North or South) and have good written and spoken English.


  • Read this document fully
  • Fill out this form with your sample projects AND make sure you include source code that YOU wrote - if you can’t or don’t want to share source code please do not apply. PLEASE USE ONLY THIS METHOD TO APPLY FOR THE JOB!
  • We will review your code and will contact only the candidates that have enough experience.
  • We’ll send you a small test & unpaid job. If you have the necessary experience, should you be able to complete it 1-4 hours if not less.
  • If you complete the job within the deadline & at a good quality we’ll send you to sign our agreements. If you can’t sign those we can’t or don’t want to sign them please do not apply.
  • You’ll be on a trial period for 6 months. We’ll give you more information later.



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