I need Illustrations and Thumbnails • $5k • Freelance • Remote

I need Illustrations and Thumbnails • $5k • Freelance • Remote

Quick info:

  • This is a remote job

  • This is a long-term project (at least 10 months)

  • The current budget for the project is around $5,000

Looking for someone that could be part of a team (contribute an opinion, not only illustrations - be responsible for how the website feels and looks)

I am creating a website from scratch about the heating and cooling of a home.

The content will be about fireplaces, heaters, air conditioners as well as "how to heat your home" type of blog posts.

I am looking for someone that can add illustrations to my articles, visually explain concepts, add relevant graphics, etc. I don't need "blank" images that serve no purpose - I am looking for illustrations with purpose.

A style that I am looking for should be simplistic and minimalistic - I don't need anything complicated, it should be functional.

So what do I need?

  • Logo for my website (this is optional)

  • Illustrations for my articles (a couple of illustrations per article)

  • Thumbnails for my articles

Currently, I have around 10 finished articles and I am adding 2-4 per month, so this will be on-going work.

To be awarded this job, let your work speak for you. Share your portfolio, website, examples that most closely relate to what I am searching for.

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