Graphic Designer at Art & Logic, Inc • $35-$55/hr • Contract • Remote

Graphic Designer at Art & Logic, Inc • $35-$55/hr • Contract • Remote

Remote Details: United States and Canada.

Art+Logic is looking for Graphic Designers to work with us on interesting custom software projects in the future. We’ve been around since 1991, and we’re still going strong.

Our ideal designers thrive in the environment of variety and challenge that is inherent to custom software development, working with us in a long-term relationship over many projects for numerous clients. It's important that you're able to multi-task working on several projects at a time.

Since we do custom software development, the skills and needs for each project can vary widely. This goes beyond just the experience needed, to the industries and problem domains we work in. You can expect to grow both in your strength and your versatility when working here. We want to help you do so.

We work remotely all over the United States and Canada. We expect you to be able to work well on your own and comfortably with teams. You won’t have someone looking over your shoulder so you'll need to be communicative and reliable, driven, and hold yourself accountable. We depend on each other.

Art+Logic is run by humans, who work and create using technology. Things can go wrong and we need to respond to the unexpected by being kind, considerate, fair, flexible, and calm. We treat our clients and peers as respectfully as we would like to be treated.

Here’s an example of some projects we’ve worked on recently, so you can better understand the wide range of projects and challenges we undertake:

  • Converted legacy spreadsheets into user-friendly applications with beautiful dashboards and micro-actions
  • Designed interfaces for audio plugins
  • Translated detailed workflows into an intuitive multi-role user experience for an event management application
  • Created mobile apps for a wide variety of domains ranging from inventory tracking to sports betting
  • Customized WordPress themes to go above and beyond what’s “normal”
  • Animated conference presentations for an interactive experience

What we want from you: (aka: skills)

  • a clean, functional, modern design aesthetic
  • a solid understanding of UX, user flow, human centered design
  • a solid understanding of designing for mobile
  • industry standard design tools: Adobe, prototyping tools
  • ability to convert their designs into HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Less, SaSS
  • working knowledge of WordPress, designing themes, styling content inclusive design and accessibility is a plus!
  • at least 5+ years experience
  • strong communication is paramount here and vital to our teams

Relationship Details:

We are looking for Contractors (1099) for long term open-ended relationships. Work hours are flexible; requiring reasonable overlap with normal working hours to support team communications, and not just nights and weekends. Our rates range from $35-$55/hour. We are ONLY looking for people in the United States and Canada.

Our Recruiting Process is asynchronous, which means that we don't necessarily have an immediate position we're looking to add a designer to, but we are looking to grow relationships so we are ready to work with new designers as we continue to grow.



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