Graphic Design for Cities Climate Leadership Group • $10k • RFP • Remote

Graphic Design for Cities Climate Leadership Group • $10k • RFP • Remote

The purpose of this project is as follows:

The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to solicit proposals from various candidates (both individuals and from organisations), conduct a fair and extensive evaluation based on criteria listed herein, and select the candidate who best represents the idea FSCI would like to develop for the annual report infographics. The aim of the annual report is to demonstrate the FSCI accomplishments to current and future donors, and showcase the impact that FSCI is having on C40 cities.

Statement of Work

Create a series of up to 15 infographics based on data (e.g. number of cities who have attended an FSCI event) and branding guidance provided. Create a template for the report including a title page and a variety of content page formats.

Scope of Work

A set of infographics to include in the FSCI annual report to be shared externally at the beginning of October. The infographics will reflect data included in the annual report, the aim of the infographic is to have a clearer and easier way of reading the data.

Full RFP Here



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