Activist UI/UX Designer CoFounder (possible CXO) at WinWisely • $12-15k • Part-time • Remote

Activist UI/UX Designer CoFounder (possible CXO) at WinWisely • $12-15k • Part-time • Remote

Urgently Wanted "Rebel" (as in Extinction Rebellion (XR)) Top Notch UI/UX designer PT ok for critical ExtinctionRebellion (XR) upcoming beta test

Object: To complete re-design of an open-source secure app (3+yrs of R&D) to help XR in arguably the biggest way possible:

By completing a mobile-friendly web-based app with the potential to hugely increase nonviolent direct action and/or strike recruitment rates. Our mission is nothing less than to scale courage, which we believe is our only option to have any chance in the little time we have left to stop the now rapid 6th Great Extinction, and its catastrophic rate of species extinction (100-200/day!) and have a livable planet in the very near future. A key EU XR chapter wants to beta test our innovative ASAP if we can get an MVP done in time.

This is therefore urgent: If we don't get this ready ASAP, we and more importantly, XR will lose this incredible beta test opportunity. Our one-pager which answers most top-level Qs is at a secure link we can send you (assuming you are part of XR) and also available is an additional list of assets. Current total development Budget (so most for the developers) is at $12-15k, so only basic needs pay now available; however XR recommended us to for $73k additional grant, plus we have additional $10k match offer. The coordinator/cofounder's prior startup is rapidly becoming a success.

NOTE: We only want to hear from individual UI/UX designers, NOT from agencies. We are seeking a passionate co-founder into us and the mission for the long haul

(15 hrs minimal/wk to start) to put grassroots non-violent direct action (NVDA) and strike organizing on steroids using a new out-of-the-box mobile-friendly secure web-based app.

LOCATION: You can be based anywhere. PART TIME OK if can start immediately (but ideally at least 15 hrs/wk)


1) for re-doing the demo: at least 40-65 hrs

2) for both web apps (the individual potential volunteer and the campaign manager) 80-100 if using HTML5 and CSS, less if only Sketch or alternative, not counting iteration during user testing (there are about 35 key user stories currently)

WHO WE ARE--OUR MISSION: is our splash page, that has our one pager and reviews from 20 top organizers and activist IT pros nationwide.

Our Mission is to provide a major one stop mobile-friendly one stop app breakthrough solution to what we call the two-sided "mother of all challenges,” the holy grail for grassroots organizers:

"How can the progressive grassroots organizations of today recruit, commit, support and cleverly organize massively larger numbers of volunteers than we can right now, to do much bigger impact tasks than we are now doing, and ASAP--before it is too late to save democracy and mother nature as we know it. And conversely, how can the 3-6M still untapped potential activists out there yearning for major change quickly find the right campaign to join, and the right role that fits their skills and preferences.

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