Get the best remote freelance job leads sent to your inbox
Feastflow searches thousands of freelance projects every day to find the very best clients for your skills
How it works
We filter the highest quality leads that match your unique skillset.
You get personalized emails with a job description, $5k+ budget, and client email.
"Feastflow's lead quality is incredible! They are so different from other lead gen services that are all just crawling the same job sites." Rob bazinet
"I used to spend hours and hours each day checking for leads, it was so unproductive. Now I can just open my inbox in the morning and start making sales." Andrew kim

Why can't I find these projects myself for free?

The last thing you want to worry about as a busy freelancer is sifting through thousands of posts from job boards, social media, RFP sites, and forums. Feastflow lets you break the "feast or famine" cycle by delivering a steady stream of quality leads to your inbox on autopilot which allows you to have more sales conversations every week without wasting billable hours.

How many emails should I expect?

The amount of leads we send depends on how many great clients post in a given week. Free members can expect a few random projects per week. Premium members will get 5-10 exclusive projects a week targeted for their individual skillset. We never send a lead just to send it so only the highest quality leads will make it to your inbox. You don't need a lot of leads to increase your revenue, you just need the right leads.

After the sign up, when will I get my first project lead?

After signup you will receive your first project lead within the next 24 hours.

Which countries do the leads come from?

We deliver projects and jobs from companies worldwide but most of our leads come from USA, UK, and Australia.

I'm not from the US, will these leads still work for me?

All of our leads are open to remote work from around the globe. As long as you can communicate fluently in English you will be able to take advantage of all of our leads.

Do you take any commission from me if I win the project or job?

No. We do not take any commission from you or the client.

How do I change my project alert settings?

Project alert settings can be changed in your dashboard here:

How do I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your subscription via the unsubscribe button in your dashboard or you can send an email to